Flying right to the end

Produced by SEARCH Projects
Directed and shot by Olivier Vanashen, Benoit Delfosse, Laurent Dryon and Dorian de Hults
Sound by Thibaut Darscotte.
Pilots: Horacio Llorens, Veso Ovcharov and Thomas de Dorlodot
Photographer: John Stapels
Crew: Olivier Symoens and Jean Martin.
After spending the night in the dunes of Namibia, the crew took their gliders and hit the road to get to Spitzkoppe. Playing around the impressive rocky mountains and over the dunes of SossUsvlei, they slowly arrived to their final destination after a four-month expedition across Africa. They reached Cape Town and with smile on their faces, they succeeded what no man has done before; fly in the best secret spots of the beautiful Africa.