When it was launched in 2011,
the Search Projects was anything but business.

There was no better word than Search to describe the quest of some friends, willing to access the most remote places and spots around the world.

“Light is right” as a motto, the crew used to travel with just a paraglider and a camera as their only luggage. From the beginning, they knew the real value of their adventures was this happy feeling of sharing memories through photos and videos with friends when they came back. The provided content was so inspiring and unique that brands and companies began to show real interest into Search

Thanks to their support, Search Projects has now been touring in more than 60 countries,
shaping any trip on a right balance between discovering, learning, working and having fun

More than ever, with eyes and ears wide open, the crew has decided to make a living out of their passion. Today, while they keep their goals high and their travels big, Search is also yours to enjoy.

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the team took care
of your ambitious